Kisling, Till Megerle, Artjom Astrov
“Guiding Light”
SRS14, 2021
Video x 3, 16m51s

Kisling, Till Megerle, Artjom Astrov “Guiding Light”

Guiding Light is a series of three videos made together by Michaela Kisling, Till Megerle and Artjom Astrov and released by the music label Serious Serious. The videos coexist and interrelate activating each other in a thrilling narrative that is weaved between the sound, the people, the drawings and the cinematography. By merging their work Kisling, Megerle and Astrov distort and amplify emotion as they all treat the music band as a formless entity reaching a level of feigned nebulosity.

The formlessness of the band is also defined or more precisely undefined by their means of production and their politics of desire; entangling labour with domesticity and experiences of clubbing. The hybrid aftermath could be an acknowledgment of what it means to continue making music or art or simply to continue working when everything is mediated by the value-form and hence represented as abstractly equivalent to everything else. It is precisely this realism that transforms itself into an epic saga. The whole becomes a genre exercise where disparate ingredients share an emotional immediacy.

The series is the outcome of a deep hanging out that is neither predetermined nor random. To hang out deeply isn’t merely a genre of music, but a form of labor that embodies inexplicable sounds, intimate or sometimes banal situations and carefully assembled visuals. One could think of these videos as tracks that would form one song, a song that is shaped by the constellation of the voices of the three protagonists and the kind of exteriorizatioon and meaning that they commonly convey.
There is a tender feeling in each of these three videos, and just as you stop to wonder where it might be coming from, along comes the dark undertow.

–– Aziza Harmel