monsieur franz ka “holzalbum”
SRS6, 2018

Moving between various monikers and formats, Berlin-based delivers his “holzalbum” – a line of ten tracks recorded back in 2007 (with an additional John Cage remix from 2018), which explore EDM’s stubborn aesthetics.

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monsieur franz ka “holzalbum”

Beat And Peaces

by Juan Arata

The first time I've listened to holzalbum by monsieur franz ka I found myself suspended into the void. There was no-body; there was no-thing but particles of sound. In my confusion I thought I was fixated in space and time and everything else was wandering around me, but then I understood it was the other way around. Where is sound located? What is the speed of the self? This collection of temporary sound-particles explores the minimal alignment of vibrations, the rhythm of the segmented line of the Octave and the pre-pattern of melody - if we understand melody as a shared experience. It wonders the end of the electronic perception in favor, perhaps, of a sacred dance.